Caribbean Ginger Stewed Chicken

With String Beans
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Caribbean Ginger Stewed Chicken With String Beans.

This is a dish mom would always make on a Monday, when she would have leftover stewed chicken from Sunday’s massive lunch (well if my brother and I didn’t attack the chicken the evening before as we watched Knight Rider). The string beans or in some cases Bodi (yard bean) usually came from our little kitchen garden at the back of the house and I was somehow always involved in picking them. This time we’ll rock this from ‘scratch’.

Menu Ingredients

Chicken (drum with thighs) | string beans | Caribbean Green Seasoning | Black pepper | Salt | Onion | Scotch bonnet pepper (no seeds) | Tomato ketchup | Ginger | Worcestershire sauce | Vegetable oil | Brown sugar | Water | Grape tomatoes

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